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Ceramic Water Filter

Ceramic water filters are water treatment devices that use a porous ceramic material to filter out contaminants and impurities from water. These filters are designed to improve water quality by removing bacteria, protozoa, sediment, and other particles, providing a simple and effective means of water purification. Here are some key aspects of ceramic water filters: […]

Pubudu Jayawickrama
Batapola Dehydrator

What is Food Dehydration?

Food dehydration is a process of removing the moisture content from food items to extend their shelf life. By reducing the water content, the growth of microorganisms that cause spoilage, such as bacteria, yeast, and molds, is inhibited. This preservation method has been used for centuries as a way to store food for longer periods […]

Pubudu Jayawickrama
Batapola Dehydrator

Benifit of Dehydrated Fruits

Dehydrated fruits offer several benefits, making them a popular and convenient snack option. Here are some advantages of consuming dehydrated fruits: Nutrient Retention: Dehydration removes the water content from fruits, but the process generally preserves most of the vitamins and minerals. This means that dehydrated fruits can still provide essential nutrients, such as vitamin C, […]

Pubudu Jayawickrama
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